This Will Be The Next Left-Wing Activists’ Move Against ESPN After Suspending Jemele Hill

ESPN has already manage to alienate its conservative viewers and therefore the network is likely to be under attack from liberals as well.

Left-wing activists and celebrities took to social media to demand a boycott against ESPN after suspending host Jemele Hill, who being controversial as she characterized President Trump as a “white supremacist“on Twitter.

The President took to Twitter Tuesday and expressed his attitude over the news of Hill’s suspension.

While the sports network obviously considered that their employer shouldn’t be subjected of any disciplinary action for insulting the president, Hill’s recent action was a different issue as it directly affected ESPN’s wallet. As Dallas Cowboys’owner Jerry Jones swore to withdraw from play any player who knelt during the national anthem, Hill demanded a boycott of the game’s advertisers.

ESPN took an action quickly and suspended the host who violated its social policy with another “impulsive” tweet.


Understandably, conservatives keep on watching the left turn on its own.

h/t: bizpacreview

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