Terrifying Moment, Man Allegedly High On Synthetic Street Drug Tries To Bite Officers After They Repeatedly Tasered Him

Lexington, KY – Two police officers in Lexington ended up in an unexpected brawl with a zombie when a man went from calm to face-eating in no time flat, all thanks to the drug “Serenity.”

The incident happened just after 5:30 p.m. Friday at 404 West New Circle Rd. Police had received a report about a man on the ground at a shopping center, Peterson said.

Police found an adult male had rammed his head through the window of a business. He later became combative with police.

Officers saw three other men lying on the ground behind a building overdosing on a drug called Serenity, Peterson said. That is one of many names for what is commonly called synthetic marijuana, a designer drug created by spraying chemicals on organic material. The chemicals can have dangerous effects.


h/t: policeone

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