Steve Harvey Just Made More Liberal Heads Explode

Famous TV personality Steve Harvey explained to TMZ on Wednesday that President Donald Trump is doing what he said he would do after their meeting in Trump Tower back in January.

As Breitbart reports, Harvey had a meeting with the President at Trump Tower shortly after the election. The men reportedly discussed Harvey’s desire to provide input to the Department of Housing and Urban Development.

According to TMZ, which spoke to Harvey yesterday, the comedian and TV personality “is giving President Trump a big thumbs up” in regards to his administration’s work in impoverished areas.”

“As far as doing what he promised me to do, he’s doing it,” said Harvey. “I’m working with HUD. I’m going to get some housing for underprivileged people. We [are] going to set up some centers around the country. I’ve met with HUD. It’s going really well. God willing, it’ll work out.”

TMZ’s reporter went on to put words in Harvey’s mouth by suggesting the TV personality was saying Trump is doing a good job in his office.

“I didn’t say that,” interrupted Harvey. “All I said was he’s keeping his word to what he said he would do.”


The Libs can be fired up all they want, we have Harvey’s back as he is not afraid to speak the truth about Trump!

h/t: yiannopoulos

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