‘Refugee’ Sexually Assaults Disabled Woman Days After Arriving in Aberdeen, Media Caught Trying to Hide This

A refugee newly arrived from Somalia has been tried and convicted for attempting to sexually assault a special-needs woman while she was sitting outside of a home for the disabled in Aberdeen, North Dakota.

The mainstream media have made it perfectly clear they do not intend to tell the American people the truth, but it’s still shocking that they would hide this!

A disabled woman was sexually assaulted by a Somalian refugee, who was only in the country for a week before the attack, but the media refuse to admit he is a refugee, as per WND.

Liban Mohamed assaulted the woman in Aberdeen, North Dakota, and it is reported to have taken place in front of a home for the disabled. He has been convicted for his sickening actions. It has yet to be determined if he will face deportation.

The refugee doesn’t know any English, and he had to have interpreters during his trial. According to the prosecutor, Christopher White, Mohamed had just been hired at a beef plant and did live in the city of Aberdeen. However, he was only in the town for one day before the incident.

However, the local paper referred to Mohamed as “of Aberdeen.” I find this to be misleading and certainly an attempt to avoid the truth of the matter.

AAN Executive Editor J.J. Perry has been asked about why the important detail was missing from the article. Perry replied, “Because I don’t know that it was a fact he was a refugee. We weren’t there [at the trial].”


However, the fact that Liban Mohamed was a refugee is a matter of public record, having been stated in his attorney’s opening statement.

“The fact that the Aberdeen American News still omitted facts of the story after being publicly excoriated for it only gives credence to accusations that news coverage of crimes being committed by refugees in the community are possibly being shielded from public view,” said Pat Powers, a blogger for the South Dakota War College.

She continued on to say, “With the only mention of the attempted molestation of a disabled woman by the refugee, newly placed in the community, coming hours after an article critical of their non-coverage of the crime, it’s hard to categorize the WND outrage as just more fake news on Facebook.”

The American people deserve to know the truth! These refugees bring nothing but trouble—since coming to America and Europe, there has been an increase in violence and rapes. And frankly, it needs to stop.

What else is the media hiding from the people? What else do they choose to censor from us? All they’re doing is controlling the public and making us think whatever it is the government wants us to believe!

Once Obama is out the door, hopefully control of the media will be curbed and we will be “deserving” of the truth again.



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