Police Investigate ‘Hate Crime’ After Man Tells Business owner To Fly An American Flag

Two men are accused of harassing a shop owner in Fremont for displaying rainbow flag.

KRON reports that Rae Steckler-Homorody owns an antique shop in Fremont, CA. In case the hyphenated name didn’t clue you off to the fact that she’s a liberal, the gay pride rainbow flag she flies in front of her shop should. What gay pride has to do with antiques is anyone’s guess.

According to Steckler-Homorody a man entered her store on Thursday, angry that she was flying a rainbow flag. She said he began yelling obscenities at her. She doesn’t detail any of the claims about either of theses two things, but she does give one specific thing he said.

After the man asked why she was hanging a gay pride flag Steckler-Homorody told him, “because I’m an ally.”

‘Don’t you know that men died for you and died for this country and what’s the matter with you,” said the man according to Steckler-Homorody.

The man left, but returned 25 minutes later with a friend. Steckler-Homorody said that both men continued to give her shit, but she wasn’t clear about what they said. Someone in the store called police and took a picture of the patriotic duo, which investigators now have but won’t release to the public.

The news called this a hate crime and referred to Steckler-Homorody as “the victim.” The shop owner also considered herself the victim of a hate crime, Just check this out:

“I had a moment of uncomfortable behavior by an irate member of society,” said Steckler-Homorody.

A whole uncomfortable moment? How can she be expected to carry on with her life?

In addition, the Fremont Police are investigating this as a possible hate crime. My question is: where the hell is the hate and for that matter the crime?

Steckler-Homorody is not gay. She doesn’t even allege that the man said anything homophobic to her nor does she say he used any anti-gay slurs. He didn’t threaten her and he certainly didn’t assault her. The man didn’t even try to rip the rainbow gay pride flag down.

The only thing we can establish that this man did was tell the woman that she should fly an American flag outside of her store because brave men and women died for her freedom.

Like I said, patriotism is now a hate crime. The news, This crazy liberal woman, and even the police are treating an instance where a man has verbally expressed his love of America as the same thing if he beat a gay person to death. I know this happened in liberal California, but free speech and patriotism are not the same thing as a hate-inspired assault.

h/t: kron4

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