MSNBC Host Joy Reid Suggests Scalise Deserved To Be Shot Due To Conservative Records

The terrible shooting of Rep. Steve Scalise (D-La.) and others precipitated calls for a resurgence of civility and bipartisanship, but MSNBC host Joy Reid didn’t get the memo. She assailed Scalise in a tweet meant to paint him as a hypocrite, but instead wound up casting a dark cloud on her.

From Truth Feed:

Scalise is a staunch Catholic, and has been demonized for his religious faith and his beliefs by the left.

Liberals seem to view his traditional values and religious beliefs as proof of his “racism” and “homophobia,” and are now using them to celebrate his brutal injuries.

When it comes to the left, we must abandon all of our core values and beliefs and think the way they do, or they’ll attack us – even while we’re in a hospital bed, fighting for life.

It is shocking to witness the levels of vitriol from left-wing politicians, celebrities, and activist groups, and indicative of the deep division America is experiencing today.

If liberals really cared about our country, they would cease their violent and seditious rhetoric, but instead they are doubling down, and people are getting hurt.

At this point, the liberal media is openly encouraging violence against conservatives, and the blood of all conservatives who are injured by their dangerous and hateful rhetoric is on the hands of people like Joy Reid.

h/t: truthfeed

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