Jeanine Pirro Tells Trump to Reach Out to Democrats and Forget Republicans

Jeanine Pirro, a Fox News host, is a longtime friend of President Trump. So when Mr. Trump said on Twitter on Saturday — a day after his crushing defeat in the House on health care — that people should watch her show that night, political observers began guessing what was in store.

Pirro is demanding that Trump forget the Republicans and reach out to Democrats to “make America great,” because he’s such a great negotiator, he’s the only one who can do it.

No really she said this.

Doesn’t this mean exactly that Pirro and her ilk don’t give a damn about ideology, about conservatism? Guess what’s going to happen when you reach out to Democrats? They’re going to want Democrat solutions. So you’re telling me that this moron who couldn’t get a deal done with people of his own party is going to do better with people that disagree with him, supposedly?

It shows just how insanely stupid and emotional these people are. They just want vengeance and “winning” no matter what that means. Were they ever actually “conservative”? I doubt it.

h/t: therightscoop

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