Hollywood Ending: Big Studious Decided To Cut Losses This Weekend – Withdrawing From Theaters Earlier Than Usual

Hollywood is facing a bizarre season. Almost nothing is “working“, and studios are no longer able to meet the expenses, so they decided to cut loses and extricate themselves from an impossible situation, when there is no hope for improvement. They are withdrawing from theaters earlier than usual.

This weekend, for instance, Warner Bros gave up on “Blade Runner“after three rough weeks. They reduced the number of theaters showing Denis Villeneuve’s beautiful film by 855. By now, “Blade Runner” has made just $66 million. Audiences didn’t shout loudly to it. And now, week by week, Warmers will silently take it away.

Tom Cruise’s “American Made“has been released a month ago, and now, Universal is pulling it from 539 locations. The Doug Liman who was an executive director of the thriller made just $43 million. Good reviews haven’t been much of a help to push Cruise fans to theaters. Cruise wasn’t available which led to lack of promotion. Audiences might have just soured on him after “The Mummy“and other flops. But it is not that both studios didn’t made efforts.

The biggest decease or decrease is for the revived “Flatliners“. With only $16 million in the till, Sony should pay people to see this turkey. They will retreat from 1, 433 theaters this weekend, so “Flatliners“is likely to be completely dead by Sunday.

The same destiny is likely to have the much praised “Battle of the Sexes“, Fox Searchlight wasn’t able to find anyone to go see it despite excellent reviews and great marketing. In fact, I’m taken aback that it made only $11 million. FS is pulling it from 849 screens. That hurts, man! And “Battle“was believed to yield some awards action.

Meanwhile, Warner is experiencing more difficulties than the other studios. Their “Geostorm“will be a disaster this weekend. And their “Lego Ninja” movie is leaving 951 theaters after $52 million and five weeks. Better to get out while they have chance.

What has been considered quite ironic is that the Weinstein Company’s “Wind River“is at $33 million. It cost about $15million. Taylor Sheridan’s directing debut would have been an awards contender if some things hadn’t happened.

h/t: showbiz411

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