Was There A Hidden Message Behind Melania Trump’s Bastille Day Dress?

Melania Trump wore a floral print dress as she stepped out in Paris for Bastille Day celebrations with President Trump, Brigitte Macron and Emmanuel Macron.

The floral dress she wore at the Bastille Day parade paid a special tribute to the people “celebrating the Liberation of Paris after WWII.”

From UPI:
Melania Trump had French history in mind when she wore a floral dress Friday in Paris.

The 47-year-old American first lady paid tribute to the Liberation of Paris while celebrating Bastille Day with her husband, President Donald Trump, French president Emmanuel Macron and French first lady Brigitte Macron at a parade.

Trump’s stylist Hervé Pierre said the dress’ floral pattern was meant “to be reminiscent of the flowers — the carnations, poppies and wheat” that people carried along the Champs-Élysées in May 1945 while celebrating the Liberation of Paris after WWII, according to WWD.

melania trump dress

From the flowers, to the solid red dress when arriving in France, to the Red-white-and-blue attire she wore honored the French heritage:

Trump wore a red suit from French designer Christian Dior for her arrival in Paris the day previous. She later paid tribute to the American and French flags by wearing a red, white and blue dress for a dinner with the Macrons at the Eiffel Tower.

Pierre, who designed the dress, said the dress’ appliqués were meant to resemble wheat, which he called the “favorite flower” of French designer Yves Saint Laurent. The New York Times reported designer Coco Chanel also “regularly used” wheat iconography.

melania trump dress

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