Hero Who Survived The Benghazi Attack Categorized Hillary As “Sociopath“ On Anniversary Of Embassy Attack

Army Ranger Kris ’Tanto’ Paronto was the hero who survived the hell of the Benghazi attack that took place on September 11, 2012.

Hillary Clinton’s State Department issued an order to Special Forces to help the Americans who were surrounded by hundreds of Islamic insurgents.

And on the fifth anniversary of the tragic incident—in which four Americans lost their lives (Tyrone Woods, Sean Smith, Ambassador Christopher Stevens and Glen Doherty)—Paronto had some harsh words for Clinton.

In the response to James Woods’tweet that read: “Hillary Clinton doubled down on her ‘Trump is deplorable’ narrative, forgetting her husband used an intern as his personal cigar humidor.”, the Benghazi hero pointed out very clearly: “Oh the sociopaths always forget their own indiscretions and sinful behavior” and tagged Hillary and Bill Clinton.

In the past, Paronto has never hidden his contempt for Hillary Clinton.

“I don’t think [Clinton] has a soul,” Paronto said of Clinton during an interview with Hearst Connecticut Media. “I hope it haunts her. I don’t think it will.”

“She lied to the family members, period,” Paronto said. “People are believing her over the family members of teammates that I lost.”


h/t: thetruthdivision

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