Evan Rachel Wood Estimates That The ‘Next Dam To Break’ Will Happen And It Is Likely To End Hollywood

Following the Harvey Weinstein scandal sweeping Hollywood, the HBO’s hit show “Westworld“star, actress Evan Rachel Wood, tweeted Tuesday on what “will be the next dam to break“ :

However, there are some things that prove her indications were accurate that this dam is cracking. Tyler Crasham, an agent for APA specializing in youth talent, has been fired after a number of allegations of sexual assault and harassment from men emerged this week:

APA Agent Tyler Crasham got fired after being accused of sexual assault and harassment from numerous men who decided to break silence and open up on social media this week, such as Baise Godbe Lipman, Lucas Ozarowski and Jordan Gavaris.

One of the assumed victims, Blaise Godbe Lipman accused Grasham for assaulting him when he was only 17 after making him drunk.

Lipman only revealed in public that the agent “poked“him on Facebook earlier this week:

The other victim allegedly being sexual harassed by Grasham was Jordan Gavairs (“Orphan Black“)who says that has been happening continuously.

Major clients, including Find Wolfhard (“Stranger Things“) are rejecting to cooperate with APA due to Grasham.

APA agent has been fired by the ‘Descendants’ Actor Cameron Boyce Fires, after the sexual assault claims have been confirmed.

Nickelodeon also fired on of its show-runners, Chris Savino (The Loud House) due to sexual harassment.

h/t: twitchy

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