Black Denison Thugs Kidnap and Do the Unthinkable to 18-year-old Woman

DENISON, TX — Police are investigating a sexual assault that happened Wednesday night in Denison.

In Denison, Texas, an 18 year old woman named Breana Talbott went missing yesterday and thank God she was found a few hours later.  She was alive.  She was also brutally gang raped by black thugs and a knife was dragged across her body from head to toe.

Neighbors found her car with the door ajar, swinging in the breeze.  Her keys, cellphone, and one shoe was left on the ground strewn about the area.  Her fiance was at church praying for her safe return when he got the call from the police: his future was safe, relatively speaking.  She had been found half-naked in a church she had escaped to when given the opportunity.  She was bleeding and tormented by the affair.

Police are trying to figure out what happened, but since no one else seems willing to report what the mother posted on Facebook today, we’re going to. The post is live here.  If you have trouble accessing here is an archive:

This is going to be a brutally honest post. Today my daughter, Breana Harmon Talbott was taken by force by 3 black men. 2 raped her and she is cut head to toe by a knife. They took her engagement ring, her class ring, her earrings, her baby T necklace, everything she had on. She was able to run and ran into a church, bleeding from head to toe with no pants on. Someone had to have saw something!!! This town is small, if anyone, anyone hears ANYTHING, please call the denison police department.

If you have any information, for the love of God, call the Denison police and send these bastards away forever.

h/t: americasfreedomfighters

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