Ann Coulter Just Exposes Truth About Muslim Refugees. It’s Going to Make Liberals Furious

Ann Coulter recently appeared on Fox News’ Hannity with host Sean Hannity to talk about the recent ruling from a Hawaiian judge who blocked Trump’s travel ban.

Coulter started out by saying:

“Why can’t we learn from Western Europe? Just a few weeks ago German intelligence reports that 1,000 German ‘residents’ have gone to fight with ISIS,” said Coulter, according to Conservative 101. “Hundreds of them have come back to Germany, and what does Merkel do? She’s setting them up with welfare because, you know, if they don’t have a lot of welfare that could radicalize them.”

She continued, “All this, despite the fact that this particular group [is] ‘having a very difficult time learning not to rape women’ … What other immigrant group could not stop itself from raping masses of women?” adding, “They’re marching around saying, ‘You’re going to live under Sharia Law.’ They commit terrorist acts…”

“Why would you do that in this country?” Coulter asked. “When you’re bringing in these masses of people from very different cultures and make it a hate crime to ask them to assimilate – and they have no intent on assimilating and, what are we getting out of this? It’s one thing if we’re bringing in nuclear scientists or engineers. I don’t think we’re getting a lot of those. But the vast majority of refugees are just instantly coming in, sucking up welfare that’s meant for our people.”

Coulter added that compounding these issues is the fact that it is nearly impossible to vet these migrants, who have been raised in cultures where it is acceptable to throw gays off rooftops and stone women to death for looking at a man the wrong way. There is no Syrian FBI which can certify that an individual has no history of radicalization and will not go on to blow up Americans.

This is further evidence that President Donald Trump’s temporary travel ban is sorely needed and completely warranted, despite what many bleeding-heart liberals will tell you. Until there is a way to properly ensure that those who we welcome into our country have only our best interests in mind, they have no business being here and putting American citizens at risk.


h/t: madworldnews

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