Actor Jim Carrey Going Nuts: Trump Will ‘Eat A Baby’ To Satisfy ‘Zombie Base’

The Trump administration has pushed actor/comedian Jim Carrey, already a guy who lives with only one foot in the real world, into saying the most outrageous things, from defending Kathy Griffin holding a bloodied head of President Trump to saying Trump would eat babies if it meant making his base happy.

Riffing on Trump’s scheduled rally Thursday night in West Virginia, the Dumb and Dumber To star said the president will take the stage and “eat a baby” to please his “zombie base.”

“Tonight in West Virginia @realDonaldTrump is expected to EAT A BABY on stage to the delight of his zombie base,” Carrey tweeted, adding the social media hashtag #walkingdead.

The actor’s tweet included artwork, depicting a a cartoonish Trump with fangs and what appears to be blood all over his mouth.

The last we heard from Carrey, he was defending fellow comedian Kathy Griffin’s shock picture holding a bloodied, decapitated prosthetic head meant to resemble the head of Trump. Carrey advised the comedian to double down by holding up the president’s “severed leg.”

“I think what happens is, when these extraordinary times politically happen, and we’re going through terror and the fear of the end, comics are the last line of defense,” Carrey told an audience at the premiere of his Showtime series, I’m Dying Up Here. “We tell them the truth, and we make something beautiful out of it.”

Carrey is still embroiled in a wrongful death lawsuit related to the 2015 suicide of his ex-girlfriend, Los Angeles makeup artist Cathriona White. White’s parents have charged that the actor supplied his then-girlfriend with the prescription pills she used to overdose. The actor has vigorously denied the claim; this week, he reportedly asked Los Angeles Police Department investigators to turn over evidence taken at the scene of her death, arguing that it is essential for his defense.

h/t: breitbart

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