Actor Gary Sinise Says He Received A “Call From God” To Serve Troops After 9/11 (VIDEO)

In a recent interview, the fantastic actor Gary Sinise, revealed one interesting fact about him– when isn’t working on movies or plays, he is helping the American Veterans. What is more amazing about the touching story he told, is that he received a call from God to serve veterans after 9/11.

We are all acquainted with the Gary Sinise’s foundation that is doing fantastic work for American’s troops such as building homes for disabled vets, entertaining the armed forces at concerts and many other things. Recently, Sinise recently flew a group of WW II vets – along with 40 high school students – to the MMII Museum in New Orleans.

When recently being interviewed, Sinise revealed that the moment that made him such a passionate advocate for the American veterans was after September 11, 2011, when he felt being called by God to serve.

Sinise told Raymond Arroyo of EWTN that his transformation occurred the Friday after the September, 11, 2001 attacks on America by Islamic extremists. The relevant section begins at 6:36 of the video below.


This guy should be given personal acknowledgement for the work he has done for our veterans. I think that there should be more people who would follow his example in order to make our entertainment industry much better.

h/t: conservativefighters

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